SPEAKING Arabic Language

Fluent in 6 Month. Language is about communication not analyzation.

Exploring a new horizons

The confidence to start a conversation
with Native Arabic Speaker

Open the door to new opportunities

Confidence | Choices | Adventure

Over the last decade, I have to taught over 5000 students from all backgrounds From Foreign office Diplomates, Sunday times & BBC journalists to students from Top Universities Like Oxford, Cambridge and Yale, and I found some common challenges they shared when it comes to learn Arabic.

“I think too much of what to say – I am in my head all the time.”

“my mind freeze when I am socialising with other Arabic speaker.”

“I don’t have the courage to start a conversation in Arabic with native speaker”

“I tend to speak english to avoid embarrassment”

“I don’t like my voice when I speak Arabic, I think I have a bad accent”

Our frustration of how the language was taught.

  • Most teachers Focus on Classical Arabic no one teach the Spoken Arabic.
  • The language taught in a passive way.
  • Too much grammars and theory.
  • Arabic language was treated as a scientific project full of analysis.

This is what We belief

  •  Arabic is about putting words into practice not keep them in theory.
  •  Langauge is about communication.
  • Learning should be fun and enjoyable.
  • Learning Arabic means socialising and meeting new people.
  • It should be about having tangible concrete experiences.

Nassra Arabic method was born.

We believe we were the first ones who created a complex and comprehensive system for learning spoken Arabic and after 10 years of teaching, we wanted to expand and spread our expertise even further. As we can’t teach more than 20-50 students at one time, we decided to take the help of technology to make our teaching platform even larger and help as many students as possible. We record our classroom sessions and we have decided to put them on this platform so that everyone could have access to them at a small fee. The videos are interactive and will give you a classroom experience and help you reach whichever level you want. We have gathered our knowledge and experience in one place and now, you can access these valuable lessons and feel like you are with us in one of our very own Arabic learning classrooms!


Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the membership.

High-quality, full HD Video library & Audio lessons

You will have full access to over 300 interactive & edited Videos & audios from absolute beginners to advance level.

Regularly updated videos, Audio lessons

Every month there will be new Videos & audios uploaded to the membership area.

Learn on the go

Nassra Arabic Method is available on mobile and tablet. you will be able to take your learning with you on the go and learn where and whenever you want and at your own pace.

Strategic learning

Nassra Arabic method uses the most effective strategies to get to speak Arabic in a matter of hours not years.

Interactive & Structured courses

All our courses are interactive and also structured in the way that will make learning arabic enjoyable & fun.

Exercises lessons

Every one of our courses includes comprehensive exercises which enable you to revise all the new vocabulary & phrases your learnt in each level.

Our Clients

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What we promise you!!

  • If you haven’t notice any progress from the 2 to 3 weeks, we will refund you the money!
  • We really believe this is best product is ever created for learning spoken Arabic
  • The price for this membership is less than buying 2 coffees a day
  • There nothing to lose, try it and let us know what you think

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