The plan to successfully learn Arabic

This article will simply explain how to be consistent in learning Arabic, and the simplicity in the Nassra Arabic Method. We will go through our successful guidance and the best ways to learn Arabic.

Consistency is key

The first thing to start with is consistency, with this you will improve every day and progress very fast. Most people when they learn a new language predominantly it is through an academic education, this can hinder your learning because they abide by a different set of rules e.g. It can be that you learn 1-2 hours a week, is grammar heavy and many other reasons to prevent you from learning. When it comes to Arabic, you shouldn’t follow it this way, leaving a big gap between study will slow down your progress.

10 minutes is all it takes

The best approach is to studying 10 minutes every day, committing yourself to just 10 minutes everyday will keep you moving forward and make you more optimistic. The assumption here might be because it’s only 10 minutes it doesn’t seem enough to learn much, on the contrary, for example, if you were to learn 5 words in 10 minutes every day for 3 months (90 days) you can easily learn 450 words, and with that you can make a lot of sentences and conversations. This is just something you can follow and only one of the steps into progression.
It’s all about consistency and habit. Training your brain to commit to a habit is possible to anyone, just like brushing your teeth every day this is the same idea, you wouldn’t want it to feel like hard work every single day. This will improve your speaking level immensely, just one simple step like consistency can make a huge difference.

Why the Nassra Arabic Method is unique

Our method when it comes to learning a language is we do not follow an academic approach or the classic system in teaching subjects, the reason behind this is to go way back and remember how as a child we learned our spoken language or your local dialect, you didn’t sit down and spend lots of time learning, you were just hearing your parents speaking, you are visualising stuff and repeating that’s it. Your mind just makes sense of any word you hear and what you see then you repeat.
So remember we have the ability to imitate and copy things then memorise it, it’s a skill everyone has but we don’t use it that much, this is why we think we aren’t very good.

Mistakes to avoid

When practising Arabic I advise you to not focus on the grammar, grammar in Arabic is huge also there are a lot of rules, you do not need all the grammar to speak perfectly. You just need the right amount of grammar that will allow you to speak fluently.
A lot of teachers make the mistake of teaching their students primarily about grammar and rules, they do not realise the focus is to build confidence within the student, it is important the student doesn’t feel insecure or self-doubt whilst learning, you might correct the biggest part of the sentence and slowly you can insert the grammar, so they are able to speak, the grammar and correction comes slowly in the process. We mustn’t let our minds criticise ourselves and try to be perfect when we speak, you will make mistakes and this is certainly normal.

A quick recap

Spend 10 minutes every day and be consistent, don’t pay attention to grammar and rules (learn the grammar that you need), do lots of repetition, the more you repeat, the more you will perfect your pronunciation. This will make you more confident in learning Arabic and lead you to success.