About Omar Nassra

Omar is one of the few teachers in the world who has developed a complete system for learning spoken Arabic.

Success Stories. Real Students. Real Results.

Omar Nassra

is a native Arabic tutor with several years experience teaching students from top universities in Britain and the US. He teaches from a wide range of materials including his own programs using books he has written for Spoken Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and Media Arabic.

Omar is one of the few teachers in the world who has developed a complete system for learning spoken Arabic.

Omar teaches students of all levels and is able to adapt to your requirements, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced student. He has worked with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, including journalists, diplomats, human rights lawyers, UN workers and students of all levels.

With his flexible teaching methods you will quickly learn to communicate with the inhabitants of any Arab country, understand the news and politics of the Middle East, and appreciate its culture. Whether you are planning to study, work or travel in the Middle East, an understanding of the language spoken by the people is essential to make the most of your experience.

Omar Nassra has

Written a series of books about Spoken Arabic (Levantine) using unique methods drawn from his experience.

Obtained his Arabic teaching certificate (CTAFL) from SOAS University.

Omar is the director of London Arabic Tuition

9 years experience teaching Spoken Arabic in Damascus and London.

Our Clients

The Arabic Language

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

MSA is formal, written Arabic, used in the media, literature and Quran studies. Understood across the Arabic speaking world but NOT spoken in daily life. You will see and hear MSA when you watch Al-Jazeera or read a newspaper. Children learn MSA at school after learning their dialect at home.

Arabic Spoken Dialects

There are three main Arabic dialects (Egyptian, Levantine, Gulf). The dialects are used in daily life. Arabs use their dialect to communicate with each other at home, work and school.

Success Stories. Real People. Real Results

My Story

9 years ago I was teaching only Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). I kept meeting students who wanted to learn Arabic and they always said to me.

“We are very frustrated because we have been learning MSA for over a year but when we try to speak to people, they laugh at us and they speak to us in Spoken Arabic NOT Modern Standard Arabic – What’s going on?”

I noticed that students really need to learn Spoken Arabic, because the truth is NO ONE in the Arab word speaks Modern Standard Arabic, they only speak dialects to communicate with family, friends and colleagues!

So I decided to teach Spoken Arabic, but there was a problem – there were no books about Spoken Arabic, not even a CD. The books available were only about MSA.

I was so frustrated because I wanted to teach Spoken Arabic but I didn’t know how and there were no books to help me. So I decided to figure out a system for teaching Spoken Arabic. I had to find the rules and the structure in the language. So I have spent the last 9 years of my life teaching Spoken Arabic and developing a complete system from Beginner to Proficiency.

I tested my methods on my students and was amazed by the results. Believe it or not, I was able to make students fluent in just 5 months.

After trying out my methods on hundreds of students, I put all my knowledge and experience into textbooks, audio programmes and reference guides. Then I set up my own school in London and converted the system to the other Arabic dialects. My school is now the Number 1 Specialist School for Arabic dialects and MSA in the UK.