Levantine Arabic Course In London

6 weeks Arabic course is designed for students who are complete beginners and wants to learn basic Arabic conversation or for people who travel to the Arabic world and wants to handle how to get around in the city, like taking a taxi or going to a restaurant and ordering Arabic food in Arabic.


If you are interested in our Arabic courses.  Please send us an email to omar.nassra@hotmail.com

Here are the top things you learn in this Arabic course

  • The Arabic Alphabet
  • Greeting, introduce your self in Arabic
  • Asking for help
  • Ordering Arabic food in a restaurant
  • Asking for direction
  • Numbers
  • Taking a taxi and much more

The date and start of the course are flexible.

Type of tuition: One to One Arabic lessons.

The total price for the course is £288

Please call us if you need any more information Regarding Our Arabic classes in London